When kids get lost in the New Mexico wilderness. Just like life we must not lose love and hope or the Devil wins in the end. A movie the entire family must see...

Latin Short Film Festival
North America Film Award Winner
North America Film Award Winner


Jeremiah Bitsui
Jeremiah Bitsui...Calvin
Monique Candelaria
Monique Candelaria...The Devil
Jenny Gabrielle
Jenny Gabrielle...Our Lady of Conception
Carlie Grace
Carlie Grace...Gabriella
David Midthunder
David Midthunder...Medicine Man
Luce Rains
Luce Rains...St. Gregorgy
Andres Segura
Andres Segura...Tomas
Alma Sisneros
Alma Sisneros...Nuestra Señora
Boots Southerland
Boots Southerland...St. Isidore
Fabián Valle
Fabián Valle...Demon (as Fabian Valle)
Ava Wagenman
Ava Wagenman...Young Girl
Tomas Sanchez

Director: Tomas Sanchez

Writers: Ruby Rael (screenplay), Tomas Sanchez (headwriter)

Matthew J. MartinezDirector, Northern Pueblos Institute

Beautiful & inspiring. The Lost Pueblo embodies the complexity of New Mexico's diverse communities interwoven by a provocative and heartening story.

Alex ChavezWeb Centric Inc 

This film was much more than I expected. Not only does it show off the beauty of the land of enchantment with stunning landscapes.  But the film also shares our enchanted culture using  our story telling traditions in cinema. I showed it to my kids, ages 21 & 23 and they were surprised. They really liked it. You will be surprised too.

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